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Best OTC Legal Adderall Substitutes and Alternatives

over the counter adderall substitute Adderall is among the most commonly prescribed medications for the treatment of disorders such as ADHD, ADD and narcolepsy and continues to grow in popularity. It is a very strong and overly prescribed medication and comes with a great deal of side effects and addictive qualities which has many people, especially parents of ADHD children looking for viable and more natural safe over the counter alternatives to Adderall and similar prescription medications.

Below we will detail some legal over the counter Adderall substitutes and supplements that are among the most popular in the market. We will do our best to keep up with the growing marketplace and leave unbiased and well researched product reviews for such common options such as Lexium’s Addtabz supplement, Amphetarol and AdderRX from Nexgen Biolabs as well as other products similar to Adderall and ADHD medications that are commonly prescribed.

If you have experience with any related supplements or natural herbal remedies please use our contact form to share your own experiences and reviews to help us better offer safe, legal and natural over the counter alternatives to Adderall and ADHD medications.

Best OTC Substitutes to Adderall ADHD Medication

legal adderall xr substitutesBelow you will find products that we have reviewed as top over the counter substitutes to Adderall that are natural, herbal, safe and legal… but most importantly that actually work like the prescription ADHD medication. These natural otc substitutes to ADHD meds are much cheaper, have less side effects and in many cases because of their natural herbal ingredients actually increase other health factors besides focus, attention, concentration and weight loss.