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Best Over The Counter Vyvanse Alternatives

over the counter vyvanse Child and adult ADHD is a rapidly growing and diagnosed problem in the world and doctors are prescribing very potent ADHD medications at alarming levels these days. One of the more popular options on the market is the prescription drug Vyvanse which has been shown to effectively treat symptoms but also carries a large negative side effect profile and can be quite addictive and habit forming for many people.

Finding a Top Over The Counter Vyvanse Substitute?

Lots of people have been looking for safe and legal over the counter alternatives to Vyvanse and other ADHD prescription meds and the market is starting to product some quality natural supplements similar to Vyvanse and other meds such as Addtabz from Lexium International and Adderrx. These otc supplements are far from perfect but many users and customers report positive benefits without the scary side effects of the prescription strength drugs.

We will try and profile over the counter supplements for the treatment of ADHD and other disorders below and provide quality reviews and insights into the best options in the market. If you have tried a product like Addtabz, Amphetarol or other dietary supplements that act similarly to Vyvanse, Adderall, Ritalin or other popular medications please take a moment to leave your thoughts and personal review on their effectiveness using the comment form on this website.

Vyvanse  (lisdexamfetamine dimesylte) Replacements

otc alternatives to vyvanse meds One of the most common prescription medications and highest revenue generators of the last couple years, it is quickly stealing market share from similar adhd medications and prescriptions like Adderall, Concencerta, Ritalin and Dexedrine. These Amphetamine based stimulant medications come with dangerous side effects so we will try and find comparable supplements similar to these in effect without the prescription legality and without the negative side effects by being natural and herbal formulations for focus and concentration.

Supplements Similar to & Legal Natural Alternatives to ADHD Meds Like Vyvanse & ADHD Meds

Below you will find some of the best replacement, substitutes and natural herbal remedies that can work on the same symptoms as the illegal prescription only amphetamine based medication: