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Testerol Review (Best Free Testosterone Booster 2016?)

Nexgen Testerol

Nexgen Testerol

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            • High quality ingredients
            • Best price for quality of results
            • Does really work as advertised
            • Coupons & discounts available


            • Expensive International Shipping (Canada, UK, Australia)
            • Strong product might produce side effects on larger doses
            • Can't buy in stores like CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, etc...
            • Can't purchase on Amazon any longer

            testerol review and where to buy Testerol is an all natural compound that has been scientifically as well as clinically proven to increase the testosterone levels naturally. Supplement stimulates the natural production of endorphins and testosterone in the body. Both of these hormones help its users gain maximum out of their intense workout regime. They also help in the growth of a lean muscle tissue while burning off fat without the harmful side effects of steroids or pro-hormone and andro products.

            Testerol is suitable for bodybuilders, runners, powerlifters, athletes and anyone who want to stay masculine and fit. The supplement is the best and most powerful All Natural product made. It can be absorbed naturally by the human body with no side effects.

            Ingredients of Testerol

            Testerol is formulated with natural ingredients which are composed of natural compounds and extract – However, the ingredient information is yet to be published on its official website. There has been no apparent reason to why NexGen Biolabs is concealing Testerol’s ingredients from their public as the other products have supplement facts with their ingredients posted online. Rumors have it that NexGen Biolabs wanted to make their formula secure from being copied by the other supplements. The real reason is yet to be known. For the meantime, we are waiting for NexGen to release the full ingredient information on the supplement.

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            How Does it Work?

            Testerol works by eliminating three of the biggest obstacles to a healthy testosterone production. The obstacles are:

            • The sex hormone binding globulin
            • Luteinizing hormone
            • Female hormones estrogen and prolactin

            By addressing these barriers, your body will start producing more testosterone which will lead to a better virility.

            First, the sex hormone binding globulin has a degrading effect on testosterone’s efficacy. This is because most of the testosterone binds to the binding globulin thus keeping it biologically inactive. According to NexGen, Testerol has active ingredients that bind to the sex hormone binding globulin, enabling more male sex hormone to be active and available for use.

            For the luteinizing hormone; hampered level of this hormone is proven to cause a decrease in testosterone production in men. So one way to improve your testosterone is to speed up the release of your luteinizing hormone. Testerol triggers signals to your hypothalamus which speeds up the release of luteinizing hormone. These results to more testosterone production.

            Testerol also solves the issue of female hormones estrogen and prolactin. This natural supplement has active ingredients that help you lower these hormones (prolactin and estrogen) in your body which will keep your testosterone levels in check.

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