Best Over The Counter Substitutes Similar To Adderall?


over the counter adderall substitutes Is there anything similar to Adderall or drugs like Vyvanse prescribed for ADHD that is available over the counter? What natural legal supplements compare to drugs like this? Can you buy Adderall online or a generic alternative? We get dozens of questions like this each month and below will try and answer some of the more common themes we see our websites visitors coming to our site in search of.

Below you will find information on finding the most effective and actually worthwhile nutraceuticals, supplements and pills that work like this prescription medication. We have rated and reviewed nearly 30 difference over the counter supplement formulas and below we will list the current cream of the crop that is actually worth its price (most aren’t by the way!)

What is Adderall & How Does it Work?

The prescription drug Adderall is an extremely popular and widely used and abused medication that consists of two powerful narcotics in amphetamine and dextroamphetamine mixed salts to provide its dosage evenly. It has become quite famous lately and is frequently featured in the news due to a huge and growing percent of the student and workforce population abusing this medication for its ability to supercharge work output by keeping you awake and alert and able to stay awake for hours to days depending on the doses and amounts one consumes.

This medication and its extended release formula Adderall XR and related similar CNS stimulants work by supercharging the availability of neurotransmitters in your brain chemistry, notably dopamine and norephedrine which are two of the major neurotransmitters responsible for a variety of chemical and physiological responses that this medication provides.

What is it Adderall Prescribed For?

The are a few reasons why you would get prescribed Adderall or similar pills, but the most common and primary reasons are for attention and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) thanks to its ability to hyper activate our brains giving you mental enhancement and narcolepsy due to its ability to make sleep near impossible when your central nervous system is in a hyper stimulated overdrive.

Due to its above effects it’s often offered as an off-label medication for weight loss (your body is hyperstimulated and eating calories at a higher level as well as near complete loss of appetite) and depression (because the neurotransmitters that are artificially hyperinflated are related to mood levels, this in effect is the “high of adderall” and why people report that when you take it you feel happier / high.

Is Adderall Addictive?

This drug is increasingly responsible for a ton of overdoses due to the growing culture of recreational abuse and people are destroying their lives not understanding the high stress and unnatural influences it has on our brain and body. Amphetamine based narcotics are highly addictive and a user can experience dependence and addiction rather rapidly. Many users report that the withdrawal from Adderall leaves them in a deep depression and unmotivated / sad / confused… which obviously reinforces and creates addictive qualities as you are constantly self medicating to escape the depressive withdrawal and achieve that over the top hyper-stimulation once again.

What are the Side Effects of Adderall?

Obviously the negative effects of this drug vary greatly from person to person based on their own biochemistry and body, but the following are the most commonly reported bad effects of Adderall
that are found in clusters of users:

Short term side effects include:

The list is endless from person to person, but short term use and immediate negative side effects mentioned include:

Long term effects include:

The devastation that these drugs have had on the population due to long term Adderall abuse and misuse is far reaching and doctors are really starting to just understand the problems that have been created in our population due to its popularity… A sad percentage of users feel like they have ruined their lives and feel hopeless and wish they never started or were turned onto it in the first place. Some of the long term consequences of Adderall abusing frequently reported include:

Can You Buy it Over the Counter?

No you can’t buy medication like this over the counter in any country as it is an incredibly dangerous narcotic for the general population to have easy access too., In the united states it is classified as a schedule II controlled substance which is the rating for drugs deemed to have a high potential for abuse.

Can You Purchase it Online Legally?

Legally you can’t order Adderall online without a prescription and using an accredited channel that accepts that prescription for online ordering. In the dark web one might be able to purchase it for mail order delivery, but the risks are incredibly great with the vast majority of online stores that sell it being scams and a huge percent of packages that are actually sent out landing the buyer in deep trouble when it gets inspected by border or customs agents and its discovered you are attempting to import a schedule II controlled substance which carries hefty fines and jail terms in some countries.

The Best Over The Counter Adderall Alternatives

Below are some of the more noted and highly recommended replacement and natural legal supplements with similar effects to this prescription medication. It’s important to remember that no over the counter and herbal based pill is ever going to have the same effects and efficacy as a prescription pill from your doctor – but in terms of providing similar desired effects without some of the legalities or negative side effects we have reviewed some options. Please feel free to contact us and share with us your favorite natural legal over the counter alternatives to ADHD medications so that we can further explore and review options for our websites visitors!

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