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otc weight loss prescription alternative There is no denying the rise or negative effects of obesity in today’s society, it is a staggering and growing problem with major downsides to our society in many forms. Lifestyle, dietary and other influences have contributed greatly to our obesity epidemic and pharmaceutical companies and doctors are trying desperately to reverse the trend and find more effective treatments for weight loss.

There are several weight loss prescription medications available in several forms such as appetite suppressants like Phentermine and literally thousands of over the counter weight loss alternatives to the medications.

To help you sift through the garbage, scam and rip-off products to find true and affordable alternatives to weight loss medications that are safe and legal over the counter, we will try and research and review common products such as Phenrx from Nexgen Biolabs, Phen375, Phentramin-D and Lexium Internationals Phentabz formulas. Prescription medications have their own negative side effects and are not right for many people so we hope to provide some of the more valuable over the counter fat loss medication alternatives today and help consumers avoid buying a rip-off product that are all too prevalent in the weight loss market today.

If you have any experience weight loss prescription medications or over the counter alternatives to Phentermine or similar meds, we hope you will share your own thoughts and experiences with us using the comment form found below:

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