OTC Benzphetamine Substitutes

over the counter benzphetamine / contrave With the prevalence and serious concerns of obesity in our society, Benzphetamine and name brand prescriptions like Contrave weight loss medication was designed as a prescription only solution with anorexiant and sympathomimetic properties to help patients desire to eat less. It is in effect a pharmaceutical grade appetite suppressant which causes users to want to eat less thus aiding in weight loss.

Unfortunately this strong prescription compound carries with it its own negative side effects and issues and is a controlled substance. As such some supplement companies have been developing over the counter supplements similar to Benzphetamine to act as a more natural and over the counter legal alternative to Benzphetamine to help users that observe negative side effects or who are unable to get a prescription for this controlled substance.

Below we will detail popular pills such as Lexium International’s Phentabz diet pills, Phen375 appetite suppressant and Nexgen Biolabs Phenrx supplement and other products marketed as otc alternatives to Benzphetamine to help you discover the best and more affordable options in the market place. There are lots of scams and rip-offs in the weight loss industry and we hope if you have tried any weight loss, appetite suppressant or fat management supplement you will take a moment to leave your own opinion and review of the supplement to help further educate our visitors.

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