Addtabz Reviewed & Where to Buy: CVS, Walmart, GNC?

Editor choice Addtabz Reviewed & Where to Buy: CVS, Walmart, GNC?
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  • Potency - This formula gives you quite the jump start.
  • Long Lasting - Effects could be felt late into the evening even with a half dose
  • Effectiveness - Was able to focus and concentrate attentively
  • Over the Counter Legal - Think of this as a legal to purchase OTC Adderall alternative as other Add Tabz reviews have called it.

About Addtabz: Lexium & Gentech Pharmaceutical

lexium & gentech addtabz Originally sold under the name Gentech Pharmaceutical, the manufacturer of Addtabz relaunched as Lexium International several years ago, presumably because of a change in ownership. Lexium’s AddTabs combines various over the counter stimulant and herbal ingredients in a proprietary formula named “Ampheta-CDP” with the proposed purpose of enhancing various mental and cognitive abilities such as focus, attention, concentration and alertness.

Main Ingredients

ampheta-cdp ingredients in addtabz This product has seemed to go through several different ingredient formulas since its original introduction, presumably to adjust for various new regulations and bans on various elements of Ampheta CDP. As of May 2018 the current active ingredients include:

  • Folic Acid
  • Cytidine Diphosphate-Choline Sodium Salt
  • Caffiene Anhydrous
  • Synephrine Hydrochloride
  • Choline Bitartrate
  • Octopamine Hydrochloride

Dosage & Usage Directions

The formula is designed and recommended as a 1 tablet per day dose and is recommended to be taken on an empty stomach approximately 30 minutes before your first meal of the day. Due to its stimulating ingredients, further dosing instructions include to not take it later in the day to avoid restlessness or insomnia like side effects.

Side Effects & Safety

As is always the case you should consult your qualified medical health care provider prior to starting a new supplement. We would express extra caution due to its stimulant ingredients to start at a very low dose to assess tolerance and personal side effects. Every individual is quite unique in biochemistry and tolerance so listing negative possible or common negative side effects proves difficult. Ingredients of this nature commonly result in undesirable side effect issues similar to caffiene overconsumption: headaches, insomnia, restlessness, cardiovascular complications, anxiety, dry mouth and upset stomach to list a few.

The answer to if you can order Addtabz legally over the counter isn’t a concrete one. Certain substances and ingredients found in dietary supplements are constantly being changed and manufacturers are continually changing and adopting their active ingredient compositions. We would recommend you use the above ingredient list or visit Addtabz official online store to view the latest formula and cross compare individual components to your personal country of residence’s import and customs regulations to ensure legality on orders and international import.

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Does Addtabz Really Work?

does addtabz really work One of the most obvious questions a person will and should ask themselves prior to spending their hard earned money is: Does this really work? Once again the answer to this is highly speculative in nature and would be better phrased as “will addtabz work for me?” There is a slight basis and experience level for each of the ingredients found in the Addtabz formula for having some kind of influence on the various symptoms it markets itself as influencing – but again its very important to have realistic expectatitions, safely experiment with low dosage levels to find your personal sweet spot and to understand that every person’s experience will vary greatly in regards to how strongly or poorly this formula will effect them.

Where Can I Buy Addtabz Online?

buy addtabz amazon online Update: Unavailable as of 2018: At the time of writing we’re unaware of anywhere with credibility to order Addtabz online. It appears that the manufacturer has encountered troubles with credit card processors and merchant accounts to enable online ordering through it’s webstores. This isn’t uncommon in the nutraceutical market and we will continue to monitor and update this page with pertinent information regarding the ability to order AddTabz online once again.

Originally users could purchase through the companies online store and through vendors such as Amazon, but seemed to lose listing privledges on platforms like, and the above noted credit card processing problems as regulations tightened on the dietary supplement market of items both containing ingredients and marketing techniques as used by Gentech Pharmaceutical / Lexium International.

Which Stores Sell AddTabz in Store?

where to buy in stores A quick look through our website traffic logs and by reading various questions and comments left by visitors to this page reveals that a TON of people are wondering where you can buy Addtabz in stores such as Walmart, CVS, GNC, Walgreens and Amazon.

As far as we can tell looking at the aboved named stores that sell similar supplements… you won’t find stores selling Addtabz in physical locations. Perhaps there are certain franchises or cities that carry this and related products inside the store, but we are unaware of any as of May 2018. If you are aware of any GNC, CVS, Walmart or Walgreen locations selling Addtabz for sale, please leave a comment using the form below so we can update this section for our visitors as to possible locations to check.

Can You Purchase Internationally?

Updated: As mentioned above the company has appeared to come under some issue with accepting credit cards and payments for the last 6 months or so. Originally we had no problem buying addtabz in Canada and had varous user reviews speak of ordering internationally to countries such as the UK, France, Germany (Deutchsland), Australia, Europe and even more remove countries. We will continue to monitor customers ability to order or find Addtabz for purchase in store and online and update this page ASAP to reflect options and locations.

Lowest Prices, Coupons, Deals:

At the time of writing we are unaware of any possible promotional / coupon codes or special deals besides the ordinary buy multiple bottles to save tactics. You might be able to find lower or cheaper priced stock of this product on third-party seller sites such as eBay, but we caution bargain shoppers to verify the integrity of the seller on such lower priced resellers. It’s not uncommon for people to sell counterfit or expired products on sites such as or other similar selling channels.

Customer Reviews & Experiences

reviews & addtabz experiences There is such a wide range of customer review ratings, editorial scores and comprehensive experiences both positive and negative that we have a hard time confirming the legitimacy of AddTabz reviews. Unfortunately in this day and age it is hard to tell the difference betweein a legitimate and biased product review. Websites like ours are often offered incentives to leave favorable reviews and companies now invest unbelievable amounts of money to have fake testimonials, experiences and review scores placed all over the web. The evidence we have gathered so far leads us to believe that this product isn’t all it’s made out to be and that a lot of the other positive feedback you might read about it might be embelished, inflated and untrustworthy. We recommend you check out the below “Focus, Attentions & Concentration” supplement we have personally tested and rated as the #1 so far below (cheaper and more likely much more effective and risky)

Compare Addtabz vs Adderall

There is a growing trend and destructive epidemic in 1st world countries of people abusing incredibly strong, but dangerous, pharmaceutical grade amphetamine based stimulants. College students, overwhelmed employees and Wall Street superstars alike are abusing prescription only narcotics such as Adderall at an alarming rate to gain an advantage (or more concerningly to just keep up…) This has lead to a market of over the counter dietary supplements marketing their products as comparable vs Adderall and similar medications. While these products and their ingredients do have some basis in that they influence and work similarly to Adderall, Ritalin and other stimulant medications – we urge you to understand that comparing Addtabz vs Adderall is

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$0.00 $15.00

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  1. Do you have any questions about Addtabz as an adderall / adhd medication replacement or as an over the counter focus and concentration supplement?

    Have you tried this product? Did you like it or not?

    Leave a comment or reply below and I will do my very best to answer you asap 😉

  2. I just ordered a bottle of this addtabz. What am I really going to get out of this product? I take vyvanse in the mornings and this is going to be my afternoon ADHD med.

  3. These are great for a safe and legal methylphenidate alternative. I had been buying ritalin and concerata for years and these do wonders as is.

  4. Reply
    Adderall IR long term user July 23, 2016 at 2:07 pm

    I currently take 30mg Adderall IR three times per day. If I were to try to transition to Addtabz, what dosage would I take? Is it 1:1 – how do I determine the best dosage? Also, in terms of awakening the brain for concentration, does Addtabz do this? I find, particularly in the morning, no amount of caffeine will awaken my brain. Adderall will though, within 20 minutes. How does Addtabz compare?

    I have previously tried Vyvanse and although the product was good, I found it took over 2 hours to take effect. How does Addtabz compare?

  5. Is ADD tapz legal?

  6. Do you post them to Australia? if so, have you have any issues getting them in?

  7. I am trying to get off Adderall permanently and it is very difficult. I thought I would try the ADDTabz to help ease the withdrawal. But my question is what does happen if you combine the two?
    Like if i took a 20 milligram Adderall XR and a ADDTabz?
    I have a day I’ve picked that I’m going to get off of Adderall.
    I even have a week off work to do it and everything cuz it first week I imagine will be the worst, but until then I’m still taking my prescription, but sometimes I notice it doesn’t work. And I thought since I have my ADDTabz, can I combine the two?
    Instead of taking another Adderall? And then when the day comes I will only take the supplement

  8. I really need something for focus concentration mental clarity and energy and also for memory as I forget a lot ima 34 yr old that forgets a lot and don’t get task done. I took ritilan as a child but was taken off if it. I need Help.

  9. I am interested in purchasing this item. Is there any deals available

  10. i was a long term user and customer of this product and was really surprised when i couldnt purchase it anymore online considering i dont know anywhere else that sells it. That lead me to try some of the newer entries to the marketplace though like the advertised Nitrovit and I feel like they work even better when you consider the bottle and shipping cost when buying internationally. I had previously reviewed this product many a years ago giving it a much higher rating but these days with the newer and better alternatives I woukd adjust my scoring selections down dramatically… There are simply better products on the market years later at nicer price tags

  11. Where can i buy addtabz? I’ve been on the lexium website but am not able to check out once it’s in my cart.

  12. also your sliding ratings bars are hard to use on mobile devices, i suspect thats why you see reviewers doing odd numbers! Make it easier to use fir us with fat thumbs and small screens wrbmaster!

  13. I have high cholesterol and I am 53 yrs old. I can not lose weight, especially mid section. I am so tired all the time. I have had my Thyroid checked, normal levels, I have exercised and diets, even skipping meals. Will this work for me?

  14. Im confused i purchased this years ago from gentech pharmaceutical and now it seems to be sold as Lexium International? Is this a new product, company takeover or rebrand of the same ingredient proprietary formula “ampheta cdp”??

  15. Reply
    jay noneyourbusiness May 1, 2018 at 10:05 pm

    Does anyone know how to get in touch with company? I have some issues and questions and have tried websites, contact forms, phone numbers, social media, etc…

    if this customer support is any indication id warn you all to run not walk away from this so called top rated adhd med alternative!!!

  16. doesnt look like you can buy this online anywhere anymore and the only places selling it are resellers on ebay it looks loke. Going to give the alternative you recommend a shot and see how that works compared

  17. I find it hilarious that this is marketed as a comparable over the counter versus Adderall and other medical grade prescription ADHD stimulants. its way iver priced compared to most otc stimulants and isnt even as good!!!

  18. i first bought this after reading tons of glowing customer AddTabz experiences from fellow university students here in Florida. It was available on back then and i assume it got kicked off for populating it with a bunch of fake 5 star review scores from unverified buyers or a new regulation on one of its ingredients.

    I never liked it from the get go and while I could feel it somewhat working at the prescribed dosage, I didnt like the side effecrs. For the $100 I paid i wasn’t satisfied and asked for my money back. Overpriced and side effect riddled its effects weren’t near as good, long lasting or smooth as the comparable focus and attention supplements available.

  19. 5
    Does it work?
    Active Ingredients
    Side Effects
    Price / Value
    Would Buy Again?

    One of my favorite! just wish I could buy this locally for sure

    + PROS: works very well for attention long lasting concentration on even boring things
    - CONS: price is a bit much compared to some other similar products shipping is expensive

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