Somnaprin Reviews (Updated 2020) | Top OTC Alternative to Ambien / Lunesta?


Adequate and sound sleep is essential for our health and well-being. However, our increasingly stressful modern lifestyles take a heavy toll on our sleep quality, making various sleep disorders and insomnia (inability to sleep) one of the most common health problems. Lack of sleep has a cascading effect on our health. It not only causes diminished energy levels due to a lack of rest but also worsens other diseases and health complications.

While a number of sleep-inducing prescription drugs are available in the market, it is simply not practical or possible for most people suffering from sleep disorders or occasional lack of sleep to get a medical prescription. Additionally, many of these powerful prescription drugs have various side-effects and also tend to cause dependency.

Somnaprin is an excellent alternative sleep inducing option that has the same powerful sleep-causing effects as prescription drugs but does not require any prescription. Somnaprin works by providing the body with natural sleep inducing and relaxing compounds. Somnaprin’s unique sleep-causing mechanism that leads to natural and deep sleep without any serious side effects has made it the top OTC sleeping pill & sleep aid.

Ingredients of Somnaprin

The active ingredients of Somnaprin are L-Tryptophan, Melatonin, L-Theanine, Mucuna Pruriens Powder and Magnesium Citrate. L-tryptophan and L-theanine are essential amino acids while Melatonin is a sleep regulating hormone that is produced naturally by our body before sleep. Magnesium citrate provides the essential mineral Magnesium. Mucuna Pruriens powder is derived from the medicinal herb Mucuna Pruriens, that is known for its various therapeutic uses. All these powerful ingredients work together in Somnaprin to help you fall asleep quickly and wake up refreshed.

Side Effects of Somnaprin

Unlike most sleep-causing prescription medicines, Somnaprin does not have any harmful side effects. Somnaprin is made of ingredients naturally occurring in the body or compounds that are required by our body for normal functioning (such as magnesium). This eliminates the risk of any harmful side effects as well as habit forming effects.

How Does Somnaprin Work:

Each of the individual ingredients in Somnaprin contributes uniquely to ensure sound and deep sleep.

L-Tryptophan has a calming effect and also helps relieve anxiety. It is a pre-cursor to sleep-inducing agent serotonin released by the brain. This means that L-Tryptophan causes the brain to release natural sleep causing compounds which leads to natural sleep. L-Theanine has strong stress relieving properties and acts as a mood booster. Melatonin is a sleep regulating hormone and helps in regulating and coordinating your internal body-clock.

Mucuna Pruriens powder contains an active ingredient called L-DOPA that has powerful mood alleviating and aphrodisiac properties. The magnesium citrate in Somnaprin provides the essential mineral Magnesium. Magnesium acts as a muscle relaxant and soothes your sore and aching muscles, thereby creating a sleepy feeling.

All these powerful calming, relaxing, mood-lifting and sleep-inducing compounds in Somnaprin work simultaneously to give you a natural, deep and long sleep that ensures that you are fully energized and ready for the next day when you wake up.

  1. I just love this product. What a life saver

  2. I just love this product. What a life saver

  3. Is this available in the UK.

  4. Is this available in the UK.

  5. I have major brain injury and the long term no sleep and I’m not getting the individual med investigation

  6. Works great. Lives up to it’s name not like other OTC’s!!

  7. Works great. Lives up to it’s name not like other OTC’s!!

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