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buy phenrx & review Obesity is becoming a common problem all over the world, and this is why many pharmaceutical companies are competing against each other by producing weight loss supplements. Consumers too are in the search of genuine supplements that shall give them the results they desire.

Though many supplements fail to produce the results they claim, PhenRx was made as a phentermine alternative (prescription weight loss medication) has emerged as a clear winner. This is one of the best over the counter Phentermine alternatives manufactured by NexGen. PhenRx does all that you are looking for. It helps suppress your appetite, boosts your metabolism, helps you get rid of excess weight, thus leaving you slim, healthy, and fit.

Ingredients of PhenRx:

Unlike various other otc weight loss supplements, PhenRx lists the various ingredients it includes. It helps create a huge trust in the company, and give it credibility as a legal safe otc phentermine substitute, as you get to know exactly what they are giving you. Here is their list:

  • Trimethylxanthine – This is a chemical name of caffeine. It will help suppress appetite and provide you energy. Make sure you avoid taking coffee after having these pills, as doubling the dose of caffeine can make you feel weird.
  • Beta-Phenylethylamine – this stimulant improves mood by increasing production of dopamine, and slowing down absorption of the same by the dopamine receptors. According to certain studies, it has been observed that this can also help increase metabolism and melt fat more effectively.
  • Synephrine HCL – this dietary supplement, when combined with caffeine, can help you lose weight more efficiently.
  • Schizandrol A – this helps improve focus and memory. It is present in many brain supplements as it reduces stress and improves cognitive functions.
  • N,N-dimethyl-4-hydrixyphenylethylamine – This naturally occurring alkaloid works as a stimulant. It acts as thermogenic in weight loss supplements by increasing metabolic rate and fat melting.
  • Yohimbine HCL – it has stimulant effects and is known for its fat loss properties. Even though on its own it is not that effective, but in combination with the other ingredients mentioned above, it proves to be very helpful.

best over the counter phentermine supplement

How Does PhenRx Work?

PhenRx deactivates the Alpha-2 receptors, which supports the fat storage process in our bodies. By disrupting this fat storing process, PhenRx stimulates our metabolism by raising the temperature of our bodies, thus helping it burn fat faster.

PhenRx is also a super effective diet pill supplement in that it also can stop the hunger signals from reaching our brain, by curbing our appetite and preventing cravings. Since your food cravings will not interrupt you, dieting will become an easier task, and when you diet well, the end result will be a sexy, healthy and lean body.

You will lose fat from the stubborn areas of your body, like thighs, stomach and so on. Even though you will burn fat, you will not be burning your muscles, which makes PhenRx a perfect supplement for every workout enthusiast.

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  1. Love this product does what it claims lost 10 lbs already….

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