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Does It Work?


Side Effects?


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  • Pharmaceutical grade ingredient profile
  • Some of the most potent weight loss results seen
  • Natural herbal alternative to Phentermine
  • Safe & Legal phentermine replacement
  • Loads of great before and after results in customer reviews


  • Cant buy in stores like cvs, gnc, walmart, & walgreens
  • Can cause insomnia if you take too close to bed
  • Headaches from ingredient potency when you dont eat
  • You dont eat because of appetite suppression lol

phentabz phentermine substitute Gentech Pharmaceutical created PhenTabz as an alternative to the prescription weight loss drug Phentermine. There have been lots of similar attempts by companies to make an over the counter weight loss pill like this and we will be reviewing ones that have become the most popular. The PhenTabz formula has had success due to its high quality ingredients and the amount of research Gentech has put into them. In the following sections we will go into more detail about this as well as experiences people have had with it.

About PhenTabz

These pills are formulated with an ingredient Gentech has created and named Ampheta-HCL. Gentech started their line of PhenTabz products with PhenTabz RX. This is a pharmacological diet pill that is only available by prescription through a physician. It is meant to be a safer alternative to other prescription weight loss pills. Once they had a product that doctors were getting behind, they created a similar non-prescription version called simply PhenTabz with the main ingredient at a lower strength. They also made a version for teens called PhenTabz Teen.

Ampheta-HCL was researched and designed to include several different elements that work together to maximize weight loss. The formula has shown to be safe with minimal side effects. People have reported that it has successfully suppressed their appetite to assist in fat loss as well as increased metabolism. There are also claims of an increase in energy which can be extremely important to motivate a person to exercise when they may normally be feeling a lack of energy from dieting.

Ampheta HCL Ingredients

This is a bit concerning about all the products Gentech sells; the active ingredients in Ampheta-HCL are not disclosed by Gentech. What we can say about this is that is it a blend of other substances in dosages that Gentech has spent a lot of time researching. According to Gentech, they have been clinically proven and the product contains only ingredients that are FDA approved. This is not a herbal supplement, but a designer non-prescription pharmaceutical analog that was designed to minimize side effects while maximizing weight loss results. As for the clinically proven part, we cannot get our hands on any clinical trials for this product. Apparently you need to be a doctor to see them. If any doctors out there contact the company and get their hands on them, please share your thoughts on them with us.

It is believed that the HCL in the name comes from Octopamine HCL, which is normally used as an energy booster and to aid in weight loss. It has minimal side effects and promotes weight loss by boosting metabolism as well as affecting blood sugar levels to reduce fat storage. While this is believed to be an ingredient, we cannot confirm this as Gentech does not release this information.

Side Effects

PhenTabz side effects have been minimal, but as with any sort of weight loss pill, it is important to consult your doctor before you use it, especially if you have any sort of condition that these mystery ingredients may interact with. The list of them is much smaller than that of other prescription weight loss aids such as Phentermine. Those that have been reported include dry mouth and sleeplessness. The company recommends increasing your daily water consumption and taking the product earlier in the afternoon to help avoid these.

Does it Work?

We have found lots of user testimonials online from people praising the product for how well it worked at helping them lose weight. They are enough to lead us to believe that this product is a solid option as an over the counter diet pill. Many people report losing 2-3 pounds per week while taking it. However, not all people are going to have the same reaction to a product. There are many people out there that have claimed no results from this. It is important to note that it usually isn’t enough to just take a pill and hope it does all the work. If you are going to commit to losing weight, you should combine with supplement with a proper diet and exercise. The appetite suppressant and energy boosting properties of this pill should help you stay committed.

PhenTabz Customer Reviews

This product received an average rating of 4.67 out of 5 based on 3 user reviews.

We haven’t have anybody from our TopOTCAlternatives team here try PhenTabz personally, but we have received a few reviews from customers that we have included below. If you decide to try it, don’t forget to come back and give us some feedback about your results. We are always looking for more legitimate customer reviews. It will go a long way to helping future visitors!

I Finally Lost Weight with PhenTabz

I wasn’t always fat, but by about grade nine I had become overweight and it only got worse through high school. It led me to be rather depressed and unhappy with myself. I’m not really that insecure, it was more of the challenges that come with carrying around all that extra weight. I couldn’t really be very active, even long walks got me sweating pretty hard. People definitely treat you differently and it was a difficult adjustment for me to make.

I gain weight easily due to a medical condition I have which only added to the depression when I was trying hard to diet and exercise without seeing any results. While using PhenTabz, I have been able to lose weight. It is such a huge motivation when you actually see results. I couldn’t be happier to have found a product that actually worked for me, which is why I decided to write this review. It’s my first time ever actually reviewing anything.

For whatever reason, this weight loss supplement seems to fit my body the best out of any of the other diet pills I’ve tried. I do notice that I don’t really have the same appetite I used to, but that was really never a huge problem. For me, the best part seems to be that PhenTabz will increase my metabolism. The Ampheta-HCL really does work to burn fat faster than normal. I have been going to the gym regularly for quite a while now; the effects really didn’t start to show until I began taking this product. I’m extremely confident that I’ll be able to keep myself at a healthy weight now that I have found something that really helps make a difference.
PhenTabz reviewed by Paul Sims on June 25. Rating: 5 / 5

PhenTabz Made My Diet Work

A friend recommended PhenTabz to me because they said it made them lose weight fast so I decided to try it. They weren’t exactly the lowest price for a weight loss pill, but I believe my friend to be pretty intelligent in the area of dieting as she has a pharmacology degree so I felt pretty safe ordering some for myself.

Overall, I really liked the little bit of energy boost they gave me. Not only do I feel the effects on my appetite, but I am more motivated to go to the gym, which is a huge plus for me. My workouts are also at a higher intensity than normal as well. The increased focus I got is probably a big part of the reason why I was able to lose so much weight with PhenTabz.
PhenTabz reviewed by Celina Buschnitz on June 16. Rating: 4 / 5

Great Diet Results

I’ve tried many different diets and exercises and I was really impressed with PhenTabz. The Ampheta-HCL formula they came up with at Gentech is a good one. I lost weight much faster while taking it then I did before. The fat burners and appetite suppressors they use really helped me to increase my metabolic rate as well as stop me from feeling hungry all the time. I usually have problems with eating when I’m not really hungry, I guess out of boredom. This didn’t seem to happen to me when I was taking a pill before breakfast and lunch.
PhenTabz reviewed by Dana Reagal on June 2. Rating: 5 / 5

Compared to Phentermine

Both of these products have shown to be relatively well tolerated by most of the population. Their effectiveness seems to be very close to each other as well. Phentermine, however, has a much longer list of possible side effects. While this could be due to PhenTabz really being a safer product (and it really could be since doctors have switched their patients over to it from Phentermine), it’s difficult to make a comparison since one is a prescription medication that has undergone thorough clinical testing and the other is a dietary supplement with looser regulations.

Compared to Other Phentermine Alternatives

There are a few different Phentermine alternatives similar to PhenTabz out on the market. Some of them are PhenRx, Phentramin-D, and Phen375. Out of the group, PhenRx seems to have the lowest price, while Phentramin-D has the best money back guarantee. Phen375 is the most popular and has the most customer reviews about it that you can find on the internet. However, Phen375 is also the most expensive. Out of the group of them we’d recommend checking out PhenRx or Phentramin-D. Both of these products have coupons currently working (Phentramin-D actually gave TopOTCAlternatives an exclusive coupon for our readers!) and Phentramin-D also gives discounts on multiple bottles plus free shipping.

PhenTabz Teen

We are a bit skeptical of a diet pill targeted towards teens, especially when the ingredients are unknown. However, Gentech says they started with a prescription version of PhenTabz Teen before releasing the over the counter version, which gives us some confidence that it is designed to work with the needs of a still growing teen. If you decide to buy PhenTabz Teen, please let us know how it worked out.

Where To Buy Online

If you are wondering where you can buy PhenTabz online, we haven’t been able to find a lot of places other than directly from the Gentech Pharmaceutical website. We’ve looked on other sites like Amazon or just online for other 3rd party sellers, but there really isn’t anybody else out there. This isn’t really a terrible thing, when you buy direct you generally get the best price and the freshest product. You also get to deal directly with the manufacturer if there are any issues. From our experience their customer service does a pretty good job at communicating by email.

Where to Buy in Stores: CVS, GNC…

It doesn’t really get any better when you look at where to buy PhenTabz in store. After checking CVS, GNC, Walgreens, Walmart, and Rite-Aid, we came up empty handed. Seems no brick and mortar retailers are carrying this product right now. It’s possible that if it gains enough popularity that it could come in and compete with the bigger health supplement manufacturers, but seems a bit unlikely as all Gentech products are only available through their website, aside from the prescription versions that are only available through a physician.

Lowest Price on PhenTabz

This is an easy one right now since there is only one place to buy Phentabz. The lowest price on PhenTabz is at… Gentech! What a surprise. Check back as we will update this section if any other stores pick it up and offer it at a lower price or if we find any coupons.

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