Phentramin-D Review | Where to Buy In Stores (Walmart, CVS?)

67.00 79.99
Phentramin-D Review | Where to Buy In Stores (Walmart, CVS?)
Phentramin-D Review | Where to Buy In Stores (Walmart, CVS?)
67.00 79.99

Lazarus Labs ultra potent over the counter weight loss drug. Save 10% today with coupon 'topotc'


phentramin-d where to buy? The creators of Phentramin-D, Lazarus Labs, have designed a weight loss supplement meant to be an alternative to prescription diet pills like Phentermine. It was scientifically developed in a lab to be as strong as possible using OTC ingredients. Lazarus has been around since 2003 and previously had a diet pill called Phentramine-D that was an all herbal blend of ingredients, but they have since replaced it with this scientifically developed pharmacological compound designed to give the user effects closer to those experienced with Phentermine (or Adipex).

If you take it as directed, you should be able to suppress your appetite, increase your metabolism, and burn fat faster.

Does Phentramin-D Work?

This is a difficult question to answer… I guess the best response to if it works is, “it depends”. If you look up customer reviews for this product, or any other over the counter weight loss products, you will find lots of mixed reviews. Many reviews say it does work and there are lots of before and after photos to back those claims up. However, there are also many reviews complaining about how people felt tricked into believing all the hype over it and how it did not work for them. We have a section below containing our own staff review of the product, complete with video review of the ordering process and us physically with the bottle of Phentramin-D. We are trying to provide you with the most honest evaluation we can.

Money Back Guarantee

If you have visited the Lazarus Labs website, you may have noticed that they offer a 30 day guarantee on all their products. This is totally awesome of them, if you weren’t happy within 30 days of taking it, send the bottle back and they’ll send your money (minus processing costs) back to you! This is one of the better guarantees we have seen on the market. Most other companies don’t offer this and if they do, they usually have stipulations more strict than just you not being happy with the product. If that doesn’t put your trust into Lazarus, I don’t know what will. Just make sure if you are trying to do a return you email or call them first as you will need to get a return authorization number before they’ll accept it. This is very easy to do. Visit their official website for all the details.

Side Effects of Phentramin D

Lazarus lists side effects of their weight loss pill as dry mouth and slight nausea. The website doesn’t list any other side effects; however there are some stimulants in this product that could also cause jitteriness and insomnia. To help keep side effects to a minimum, it’s recommended that you intake at least 64 ounces of water per day and wash it down with at least 8 ounces of water. If you are still feeling side effects while drinking this much water, you can also try taking Phentramin-D with your meal instead of 20 minutes prior.

It’s always recommended that you consult your doctor before beginning to take any new kind of medication or supplement. This product could create problems for people with heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, or mixing with anti-depressant medication. Do not take it if you are pregnant or nursing, under the age of 18, or taking other prescription medications.

Phentramin-D Ingredients

Other review websites seem to be supplying lots of misinformation about what is in this product. We’ve found some that say that Lazarus doesn’t supply an ingredients list, which is completely untrue. The ingredients can be found directly on their official website. We also found another website claiming that PEA, 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine, and synephrine are patented ingredients, which is also untrue. 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine is just a fancy name for caffeine! Nobody has a patent on that. These 3 ingredients are actually pretty common in weight loss products. Here is their supplied ingredients list and a breakdown of what each ingredient is:

2-Phenylethylamine Hydrochloride(PEA)

This is a stimulant. There has been some research into its usage for increasing metabolism and more efficiently burning fat. Not only that, but it has also been shown to increase mood, which is a nice bonus and will help suppress appetite.

1,3,7 Trimethylxanthine (Caffeine)

This is just another name for caffeine. We all know that caffeine increases energy, but it also works at suppressing appetite. Not only does it do this alone, but when mixed with other ingredients in here, there is an amplified synergistic effect.

Hordenine Hydrochloride
While this alkaloid does occur naturally, it is usually produced synthetically for use in diet supplements. It’s a stimulant that can increase your metabolic rate which helps burn fat.

Yohimbine Hydrochloride
This MAOI inhibitor is found in weight loss products for the synergistic properties it has. On its own it hasn’t been shown to do much, but mixed with other things like caffeine it is more effective. It’s believed that it will help you lose fat by blocking certain receptors.

Synephrine Hydrochloride
This is another ingredient that can help to increase metabolic rate. The reason that it is included it that it has no effect on heart rate and blood pressure, where the other ingredients that do this may be more effective, but will have these negative effects. It basically helps dilute the negative side effects.

Other ingredients in the tablets include dicalcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, sucrose and FD&C Blue #1, and magnesium stearate.

They are manufactured in a facility that processes constituents of eggs, milk, shellfish, treenuts, soy, wheat, and fish.

Customer Phentramine D Reviews

We collect customer reviews on all the products we have information pages for. We encourage anybody that tries out these products to use our contact form to submit their own product reviews. As of right now we haven’t received any reviews for this Phentramin alternative, but we will update this section when we do!

Our Own 2019 Review of the Product
We have just received a one month supply bottle of this stuff and we are in the process of reviewing it. We will post our video review here when it is complete.

What we can tell you now is that the ordering process was extremely easy to do and secure. We bought directly through the official website (with our own special 15% off coupon, of course!) which accepts Visa or Mastercard and PayPal. We made our payment through PayPal, shipping was $22.55 for us, but that’s because we are located up north in Canada. This is actually a flat rate so we could have put a few more bottles in the order to save more money, but decided to just start with a 1 month supply to test it out first.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the timeline between the purchase and receiving the package:

Monday, July 21Purchase was made very late in the day
Tuesday, July 22Received shipment confirmation with tracking number
Wednesday, July 23Tracking page said shipment information was sent to the USPS
Monday, July 28Tracking page said product arrived in the facility in Miami. Not sure what the delay was here, but that was really only 2 business days since the weekend was in there. The package left Miami that day.
Tuesday, August 5Received package. The big delay there was clearing Canadian customs. From our experience, any sort of supplement clearing customs takes a long time. Lazarus says most domestic shipments (in the USA) generally take 3-5 business days to ship.

Phentramin-D Comparisons

The below sections compare this weight loss supplement to some of the other common diet pills that people are taking to lose weight. We have chosen the most popular prescription and non-prescription pills here, but if you have any questions about how others compare, feel free to contact us and ask about it. We are rather knowledgeable on many of the weight loss products on the market.

Versus Phentermine

Phentermine is meant to work as an appetite suppressant in only the short term. It’s very similar in its chemical make-up to amphetamines. Because of this, it’s only available by prescription and in the United States it is a scheduled drug. On the other hand, Phentramin-D works by increasing metabolic rate, energy levels, and fat burning. While it still helps lose weight and is considered a Phentermine alternative, it is available over the counter since it isn’t as closely related to amphetamines.

Versus Adipex

Please refer to the above section on Phentermine, as Adipex is a brand name for it. Phentramin-D is compared to Adipex often as it is an alternative available without prescription to these other stronger prescription medications.

Versus Phen375

These are both over the counter supplements designed to do the same thing. From our research, Phen375 is by far the most popular out there on the market. This is due in part to how much longer Phen375 has been on the market. Both products have received very good reviews and have possibly the two best guarantees you’ll find on this type of supplements. We do believe that Phentramin’s guarantee is slightly better as Phen 375 makes you jump through some hoops in order to receive the refund.

If you are trying to decide between the two, we suggest starting with the cheaper one. Phentramin-D is only $67 for a 60 tablet bottle while Phen375 costs $69 for only 30 tablets. Both companies give decent discounts for larger amounts, but if you are trying them out you probably don’t want multiple bottles. If it doesn’t work, return it and try the other. Their ingredients are pretty different so if one doesn’t work for you, the other might.

Tablets vs. Capsules

You can buy Phentramine-D in either tablet or capsule form. The prices on each are the same; it’s just a matter of preference. Capsules are good at protecting the ingredients inside, easy to swallow, and break open pretty quick inside your stomach. Tablets on the other hand are easier to split into smaller doses and are less likely to affect people’s allergies or dietary restrictions (although still can cause problems). The downside of capsules is they are easily affected by moisture, while tablets can be compacted poorly or dissolve improperly. These issues aren’t specific to this product, just generalizations.

Where to Buy Phentramin-D in Stores

Don’t want to make your purchase online? Don’t want to travel around to all the stores that might carry these diet pills? Don’t worry! We have gone around and found out where to find it in stores for you. Below are our results of the most popular stores people are checking.


This large nutrition supplements chain carries a lot of diet pills, but not this one. While this is probably the most likely brick and mortar store to pick it up, we don’t expect it to be available here any time soon. Lazarus has been around for over 10 years and they seem to prefer distributing their own product.


Walmart is pretty well known for selling everything under the sun, weight supplements included. While they carry many popular ones, Phentramin-D is not found here.


Walgreens is the biggest drug retail chain in the USA. Like the other stores though, it doesn’t carry this product.

Where to Buy Online

If you are looking to make your purchase of Phentramin-D online, we have gathered all the most popular places people will search to find it. These are the biggest online retailers that carry similar types of supplements. We have done the searching for you.


While Amazon does carry a lot of weight loss supplements, you won’t find this one on there. We’re unsure why, but we have noticed Amazon removing products containing stimulants from their website. To our knowledge Phentramin was never on there, but don’t expect it to be added in the future.


We did find Phentramin-D on eBay! The price is the same as what the official website sells it for but with a higher shipping cost and no discount on multiple bottles. The delivery time is also longer than the average delivery time buying direct from Lazarus. If you really like using eBay, you can buy it here, but we don’t recommend it.

Official Website

The official website to buy from is Lazarus Labs’ website. They are the manufacturer of the weight loss supplement and they also handle the distribution of it through their online store. Out of all the online companies offering similar weight loss products, they actually have one of the nicer websites I’ve seen. There’s a really nice account area with a lot more stuff than most of the others. The picture below is of the menu in the “my account” area and all the options that are there. It also shows my most recent orders near the bottom there so I can easily reorder products I have bought before. You’ll notice my most recent purchase is Phentramin-D Tablets. Watch for reviews coming soon!

Best Price on Phentramin-D

If you purchase multiple bottles, you will receive a discount. We have broken down the different packs they offer with how much it costs per bottle and how much you are saving over purchasing that many bottles individually.

Supply LengthPricePrice/BottleSavings
1 month$67$67$0
2 months$127$63.5$7
3 months$156.99$52.33$44.01
6 months$298.98$49.83$103.02
9 months$439.02$48.78$163.98


They offer free shipping on orders of $129 or more, so that will kick in at the 3 bottle pack for even more savings. As you can see here, the discounts on 6 and 9 months aren’t that huge over the 3 month pack. For that reason, we’d recommend buying the 3 month pack unless you are shipping internationally in which case you will save more on shipping if you buy the largest amount possible, since international shipping is a flat rate and doesn’t receive the free shipping discount.

Promo / Coupon Code

You heard right, the people at Lazarus Labs were kind enough to set up a promo discount to give our readers an exclusive 15% off coupon! Just use the link below to activate and you can enter the coupon code “topotc” right on the activation page to receive this great deal!

9.5 Total Score
Review: Phentramin-D OTC Phentermine Alternative?

Phentramine D from Lazarus Labs is one of the most popular and trusted over the counter phentermine substitutes of the last 4 years. It's formula includes high quality and proven ingredients that are effective in weight loss and reviewers point out its price and side effects as strong points. We feel this product is one of the top otc replacements for diet pill medications you can legally purchase online.

Price / Value
Customer Support
Side Effects
International Customers?
  • Strong and effective formula
  • Good price and value
  • Excellent customer support
  • Shipping and handling we're above average
  • Not found in local stores near us
  • Some restrictions apply to shipping internationally
  • Not a magic bullet for fat loss
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  1. I’ve been taking Phentramin-D for three days now. I have to say that my appetite has significantly decreased! I have to force myself to eat and it gives me a great energy boost. The only unpleasant side effects are extreme dry mouth and after a while the energy wears off and I crash. But I’m thinking it’s because I’m barely eating anything. Going to start drinking protein drinks and see if that helps. But overall I love it!

  2. I’ve received the Phentramin in 4 days as specifed, stated 4 to 7 business days.This is my third day on Phentramin lost 8 pounds l’ve been exercising eating fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. The appetite suppression has been great only issue I have is dry mouth, the pill implifies me feeling happy and a sense of calm. I must say I really like the product, for me all I need to take is one pill per meal equaling 3 tabs per day.

  3. Does Phentramin-D contain epedrine? If not, then it probably can’t be compared to phentermine. If it does, then I want to order some and try it out.

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