Hairgenics Pronexa Shampoo Reviewed


review of pronexa shampoo Hairgenics LLC is a newer company on the scene that is already making an impressive splash with their hair growth, regrowth, nourishment and overall health products. Their Pronexa shampoo has been called a viable top over the counter Propecia alternative in a few places which is quite the statement considering the cost, prescription only legality and pharmaceutical strength of the hair loss medication Propecia. So can a safe, legal and otc alternative to finasteride actually work? Early customer Pronexa shampoo reviews are glowing with some making the comparison boldly. It’s also garnering a ton of positive customer feedback, very few negative comments and testimonials and has a price point that makes it worth trying.

Do Hairgenics Pronexa Products Work or Just Another Scam?

A quick look at the science and ingredients of Pronexa Hair Growth Shampoo

pronexa hair growth shampoo reviews Taking a look at the science and the formula, the active Hairgenics Pronexa Hair growth shampoo ingredients seem like the real deal. They are certified made in the USA and claim only the highest quality ingredients. Anyone with a browser can cross reference the ingredients of Hair hair regrowth shampoo and see that their is bound to be some hair nourishment and possibly regrowth. While I’m not quite sure it’s going to be as powerful as the prescription med or a true substitute for Propecia medication, it certainly looks like the formula is designed to make an impact and the customer comments are backing it up.

Where to Buy Pronexa In Stores or Online? (Discounts or Coupon Codes?)

There’s a few resellers on ebay and you can buy Pronexa on – but the best deals with coupons and a first time order coupon for registering definitely gives the best price to buy pronexa online to the offical website at – They also back it up with a 30-day moeny back guarantee offer a variety of shipping options including semi-expensive international shipping to canada, the UK, europe, australia and a few other places we checked, but are rock bottom cheap within the US shipping zone. If you order certain deals or get your order over a certain size they also offer free shipping.

At the time of writing there aren’t anywhere where you can buy pronexa shampoo in stores like cvs, gnc, walmart, walgreens and those types of stores… but we expect this to change as this incredibly fast growing brand continues to gain traction.

Conclusion: A real over the counter Rogaine / Propecia Alternative?

Yes and no… Obviously prescription medicines aren’t available across the counter for a reason… They come with a wide range of side effects and need to be treated cautiously. People looking for more natural, herbal, safe, cost effective and legal options should very much consider this product though… It stands out in a crowd of scams and low quality formulas.

If you have being researching and doing your due-diligence, as everyone should with the rise of the internet and how far its came in the retail sector… Pronexa might very well be the best hair growth shampoo in 2016 for your money. Tons of consumers are definitely pointing at Hairgenics pronexa brand products and saying very great things (something not so common in such a sensitive and insecure marketplace.

With a 30-day money back guarantee and some awesome prices, this is definitely the first product I would put on my shortlist of hair regrowth shampoos and products to try if I were in the market, but alas I’m a beautiful bald man and nothing beats a 2 minute free haircut (with apologies to the cone and uglydomers among us)

  1. Got 2 bottles of this and the pronexa pills they also sell because I know one of the guys involved in the website. I wasn’t really expecting much but hey free is free and he just asked I take some pictures and leave a review (gonna wait another month to make the before and after pics even more dramatic)

    The first thing you notice is that this stuff just makes your hair feel cleaner lol… I don’t know how to describe it really, I think I read theres a silk type ingredient on the label but I’ve also had a girl come over use it and mention the same thing. Who knows how much of the chemicals, perfurmes and additives actually take away from the clean feeling but its different. Second thing is that it smells great and you don’t need much… third thing is that you really do start to see an improvement in your hair health and mine is definitely thicker and fuller… I wasnt too bald to begin with but I can imagine this is a god send. Highly recommend you check out the Pronexa supplement in pill form to add to this its got wayyyy too many ingredients to list but they really covered their bases if you are missing anything essentially and also add in all the best known and latest scientifically researched herbs/ingredients/proteins/whatever.

    Awesome product and I’m not just saying that, try it out for yourself I guess this pronexa review is going to read like I’m embellishing no matter what.

  2. Already on my third bottle, i use a LOT of it but I don’t care I’m already getting compliments and thats the ultimate testiment to this product actually being worth its price – you’ll know what I mean when someone that has no idea that its for hair growth and theaurpeutic level mentions your hair looks better, it feels really awesome.

    Losing only a few points on my testimonial because free shipping is pretty common these days and you don’t get it unless you live in the states.

  3. At first I didn’t think much of this but seeing how I bought 6 bottles of it to use with the 1st order coupon I got I kept with it trying to see what all the other hairgenics pronexa shampoo reviewers were giving this good ratings for. Slowly but surely I started to notice the difference and I’m glad I stuck with it, will be buying more and the supplement as well

    Just a word of warning, you will have to wait a while this isn’t a fly by overnight type of hair growth treatment but long term might be one of the best hair loss shampoos for women and men in the market that isn’t prescription based like rogaine or whatever its called

  4. Should I still use Rogaine for Women along with the Pronexa

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