Xenitol Reviews (Updated 2020) | An OTC Appetite Suppressant that Really Works?


review xenitol orlistat alternative Xenitol is a new OTC weight loss supplement in 2015 from Nexgen Biolabs that is quickly becoming popular as a top over the counter Orlistat / Xenical alternative. Xenical is a prescription only medication that has been approved to treat obesity and aid in weight loss. Xenitol aims to produce similar effects to the prescription Xenical drug and uses more natural, legal and safe OTC ingredients to produce similar effects to the medication mentioned.

It is relatively new to the market but already is climbing up the best sellers lists in many online retailers such as amazon.com and is making big waves with lots of word of mouth reviews and testimonials adding to its popular. Below we will dig a bit into this new diet pill and try and provide an honest, real and unbiased review of Xenitol supplement for those that are wondering if this product really works or if its just a scam targeting people that are looking for an OTC alternative to Xenical / Orlistat / Tetrahydrolipstatin the weight loss prescription drug.

Main & Active Ingredients

  • Phaseo Vulgaris – By inhibiting and influencing the mechanisms that work with starch digestions, phaseo vulgaris is being studied and shown to be a potent carbohydrate blocker and as such is becoming a popular ingredient in many weight loss and fat loss supplements
  • Chitosan – Chitosan is making waves in the diet and supplement industry for its possible efficacy as a compound that helps to move fat through the digestive tract while preventing absorption.
  • Garcinia Cambogia – An incredibly popular and well known ingredient (has been featured on many TV shows such as Dr. Oz for example, Garcinia cambogia is popping up everywhere for its potent effects and ability to aid in safe, legal and over the counter available weight loss. It is shown to help prevent the body from storing fats and mobilizes them instead for energy and also doubles as an appetite suppressant.
  • Gymnema Sylvestre – This herb has widely been used for many conditions and weight loss and is popular as a weight management aid due to its ability to suppress the appetite, its effect on on sugar absorption in the digestive tract and its digestive stimulating features. Studies have shown Gymnema sylvestre when combined with hydrochloric acid such is found in the above ingredient, dramatically reduced individuals fat stores in obese study participants.
  • Cascara Sagrada – Shown to have laxative and digestive enhancing properties this ingredient is becoming very popular in the weight loss supplement market for its results on helping individuals lose bad weight.

There are also a few other ingredients such as Aloe Vera extra and Cider Vinegar which round out the natural over the counter ingredients that aid in its ability to act as directed.

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Side Effects & Over The Counter Legal?

As mentioned above, Nexgen Biolabs’s formula for this product is meant to use safer, natural and over the counter ingredients to keep it legal, safe and side effect free when compared to the stronger prescription medication Xenical. That isn’t to say that individuals might not be sensitive to some of the active ingredients in the formula, but they are rather mild and rare. Looking over some customer Xenitol reviews some people have noticed a slight digestive disturbance when getting used to this product (gas, upset stomach) so individuals are recommended to start with a half dosage of this product as your body and digestive tract get used to it to minimize the appearance of bad or negative side effects.

Do They Work?

Every individual will experience varying degrees of results with a weight loss supplement and its important to have realistic expectation and combine a supplement with a proper nutrition and fitness plan as well as lifestyle choices to ensure maximum results (don’t go thinking you can eat whatever you want just because you take a supplement for example). With that said the vast majority of users report good results and early reviews and opinions on the product seem to point to a very potent and safe product that does really work as intended. Please feel free to leave your own review of Xenitol using the form at the bottom of this page letting us know how well it really worked for you and we will publish it for our future visitors and people wondering if this is a valuable weight loss aid.

Customer Xenitol Reviews

This product is fairly new and we haven’t got a chance to personally try it just yet but early customer Xenitol reviews seem quite favorable and point to a product that should continue to gain popularity. We will try and update this page with our own personal and in-depth critique but in the mean time if you have used this we hope you will take a few minutes to leave your own thoughts and opinion with us. A good review points out pros and cons in an unbiased way and is personalized to help individuals relate to your experience.

Xenitol vs Xentrafen

We have had a few people asked us the differences when you compare Xenitol vs Xentrafen as the two products seem quite similar and come from the same company. They are different in the fact that this product is a carb and fat blocker when Xentrafen is made to be a stimulant and metabolism booster based weight loss pill. Many customer reviews have actually talked about stacking both products together for maximum weight loss results as they both act in different ways to the same end goal of fat loss so combining them together seems to amplify before and after results in many users. Phenrx is another phentermine alternative marketed by the same company although it is nearly identical to its brother product Xentrafen from what we can tell so we shall skip writing its own section.

Xenitol vs Xenical (Orlistat)

As mentioned earlier, these two products are actually quite different in their efficacy and chemical makeup. Where they are similar is in the fact that the both work on the same types of mechanisms that produce lasting weight and fat loss. They both utilize the ability to slow and stop fat and carb absorption in the body and several of the ingredients in Xenitol also promote satiety of hunger / appetite suppression to further enhance the weight loss results.

Where to Buy Xenitol In Stores & Online

This supplement is brand new to the market and as such you will be hard pressed to find it in stores at the moment. It is quickly making waves online at superstores such as Amazon however where it is in the top 10 weight loss supplements available, as it continues to gain word of mouth exposure and popularity I expect major stores such as CVS, GNC, Walgreens, Walmart and Rite-aid for example to start selling Xenitol in stores. For the time being the best price can be found directly from the maker of the product through the link below. We will continue to monitor the web and stores for the cheapest prices to Buy Xenitol online and in stores and update the link below with any special deals, sales, promotions, discounts or coupon codes currently available to ensure you are always getting the best price to purchase Xenitol when you click the link below:

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