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xentrafen pm top 10 weight loss About Xentrafen from Nexgen Biolabs & How Does it work? Developed as an alternative to the prescription medication Phentermine, Xentrafen from Nexgen Biolabs is essential designed as an appetite suppressant and weight loss formula that uses an ingredient blend that it allows it to be sold a top rated over the counter supplement as opposed to its prescription only Phentermine cousin. There are several proven ingredients in the proprietary formula that have been scientifically shown to promote weight loss through thermogenics, appetite suppression and other mechanisms. For those that are stimulant sensitive or have troubles falling asleep on products containing active ingredients like this (insomnia is a common side effect of many of these weight loss pills), Nexgen Biolabs Xentrafen PM offers a less stimulating main ingredient blend designed to be for people that experience the common sleeping trouble side effects but still produce desirable fat loss effects. Phenrx and Phenrx PM are two very similar products from this company that also target the phentermine replacement market with over the counter available legal substitutes to the weight loss medication.

Main & Active Ingredients

  • Synephrine HCL – This ingredient is found in a TON of newer weight loss supplements and is perhaps better known as “Bitter Orange” Studies and research have shown bitter orange and synephrine hcl to produce desirable weight loss mechanisms such as increased metabolism, increased energy levels and marked appetite suppression.
  • Synephrine HCL – This ingredient is found in a TON of newer weight loss supplements and is perhaps better known as “Bitter Orange” Studies and research have shown bitter orange and synephrine hcl to produce desirable weight loss mechanisms such as increased metabolism, increased energy levels and marked appetite suppression.
  • N,N-Dimethyltyramine – Again this is a compound which is popping up in weight loss supplements frequently. It is more commonly called hordenine and it is said to work by producing similar effects to noradrenaline and tyramine. It is slightly stimulating to the central nervous system.
  • Schizandrol A – This compound has been used for a very long time in chinese traditional healing and has many noted health benefits. It has been discussed among its users as having a strong appetite suppressing effect with other popular effects noted by consumers being sexual stamina, increased energy and capacity and various general health benefits.
  • 5-Hydroxytryptophan – This compound and derivative of the amino acid tryptophan has a WIDE variety of uses in the health and supplement arena and is a favorite of many for all sorts of conditions due to its ability to increase the levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin in the brain. Serotonin effects such aspects as mood, appetite, sleep, and many more and increased levels not only reduced to mood increases and fat loss indirectly, but can absolutely increase the quality of life for any user with a deficiency.
  • Yohimbe HCL – Another ‘staple’ ingredient in lots of fat burner supplements and diet pills, Yohimbine HCL is discussed among users as a fat burner which benefits regulatory processess in fat cells and can increase adrenaline levels which has large implications on fat burning.
  • 1 3 7 Trimethylxanthine (Caffeine) – The ever popular stimulant caffeine in pharmaceutical grade extract, it works together with all the other ingredients to excite and stimulate the central nervous system increasing metabolism, energy, mood, and focus.

xentrafen ingredients & side effects

Side Effects & Over The Counter Legal?

As mentioned above, NexgenBiolabs produces and markets Xentrafen as a safe, legal and over the counter substitute to the medication phentermine. It uses more naturally occurring and not prescription regulated ingredients to mimic the mechanism of Phentermine while supplying a few other weight loss actions. If you are ordering this product overseas it would be wise to stay up to date with your country’s regulations on the ingredients listed above although we are unaware of any common restrictions or customers with issues thus far.

Does Xentrafen Really Work?

The short answer is yes, the results and reviews of Xentrafen from customers are a testament to it being able to provide the marketed response in individuals, furthermore the ingredients are fairly well known for their effects in supplementation and health circles.

I would mention though that results will vary from person to person and no one should go ahead with unrealistic expectations from a supplement or weight loss product. They are after all just that, a supplement or weight loss aid meant to complement healthy diet and fitness that can provide long term and beneficial results.

Compare VS Xentrafen PM

xentrafen pm The company that promotes this product also has a secondary, night time specific formula available in the product “Xentrafen PM”. The differences between Xentrafen vs Xentrafen PM are in the fact that stimulating ingredients have been removed. THe PM formula features known ingredients that promote weight loss through actions that aren’t stimulating (which causes sleeping problems) and the addition of several widely known relaxing and sleep promoting herbs / compounds.

Stay tuned for a more comprehensive and in-depth look at the ingredients, side effects and results for losing weight in our follow up Xentrafen PM night time stimulant free weight loss article.

Xentrafen vs Phenrx

Nexgen Biolabs has two very similar products in their lineup of weight loss supplements and as such we have had quite a few people asking what the main differences are when you compare Xentrafen vs Phenrx. The truth here is that both products are very similar at a glance. It appears that Xentrafen vs Phenrx and Xentrafen PM vs Phenrx PM has very few differences. It looks like a remarket of the same product actually and users and customers may get confused. You would be fine buying either product as they are almost identical with no major differences to report.

Purchase Xentrafen in Stores (CVS, GNC, Amazon)

Many people have asked where to buy Xentrafen in stores like cvs, gnc, walmart, walgreens and other major chains. At the time of this writing we were unable to find any retail stores selling Xentrafen or other nexgen biolabs products and the best bet is to purchase them online through the manufacturer (lowest price discount link below) or through a reseller on Amazon although you will probably pay a bit extra from 3rd party seller on amazon. As mentioned see the coupon and link button below to make sure you are getting the cheapest prices to order online.

Customer Xentrafen Reviews

This product is fairly new to the market but already there are a few dozen customer xentrafen reviews floating around the web. Of the ones that seem to be legitimate and not from people promoting the product, reviews seem to be very positive and the general consensus is that the product does indeed work well and as advertised (although as mentioned above don’t expect a miracle pill)

We will continue to monitor testimonials and encourage anyone that has tried this product to leave their own unbiased Xentrafen or Xentrafen PM review through the comment form below detailing the pros, cons and value of this product to help future visitors and shoppers.

Where to Buy In Stores & Online

I have received a few comments people wondering where to buy Xentrafen in stores and online at the best prices. As with many of these new and slightly under the radar brands and products, not to many places are carrying or selling it as of yet. As word of mouth continues to grow rapidly among customer and consumers in the weight loss market, expect larger shops to start selling it and be able to find Xentrafen at CVS, GNC, Walmart, Rite-aid and other similar drug stores and supplement / herb type offline locations.

Online there are a few distributors that have this product selling. A few third parties seem to have made it possible to purchase xentrafen at amazon and similar online stores however they seem to be charging a premium and the cheapest and lowest prices to order this remains direct from the company Nexgen Biolabs. Use the link below which will be constantly update to reflect the best pricing, deals, coupons and preferred place to purchase Xentrafen weight loss pills.

  1. I’m just questioning the consistency of potency! Sometimes people buy a bottle it works then next bottle doesn’t have same ingredients just fillers and they don’t compare or come close to first bottle! Is there a site better than others or distributer that should be the go to everytine

  2. I am very interested in this product. Befor i make a purchase i will need a sample to try it out first. Where and how would i go about getting a sample. Thank you Teresa

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