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ZenRX Reviews (Updated 2019) | Scam Over Counter Anxiety Pill?


review zenrx as xanax alternative Although there are plenty of websites out there containing information about ZenRx, many of these sites contain inaccurate or incomplete information about the product. To bring the truth to light, we’ve compiled data from reliable sources, along with reviews from actual customers, so that you can finally gain a clear understanding of what ZenRx has to offer.

Remember, by having all of the correct information at your disposal, you’ll be able to make the best decision for your body and your health on whether or not to buy ZenRX. The following article should answer all of your concerns and questions, but please feel free to contact us should you still have any inquiries about the product and the way it works.

About Over-the-Counter Anti-Anxiety Pills

Today’s fast-paced way of life causes more stress than ever, and more people are finding it difficult to cope. They often turn to prescription anti-anxiety medications, such as Xanax, as a way to calm themselves down and get through the day. It’s no wonder that the number of anti-anxiety prescriptions filled every day continues to grow each year. But NexGen Labs took a different approach. They’ve produced a supplement that can serve as the perfect alternative to prescription medications. You can purchase it over-the-counter and you can get the same anti-anxiety results. This supplement is effective, completely legal, and safe.

The formula is called Anxiolytic AT, and even though it’s prescription-strength, you don’t need to see your doctor to purchase it. Clinical trials have proven that it can reduce irritability and anxiety while promoting wellbeing and relaxation. After taking the product, you’ll notice that your feelings of stress and panic are reduced and you are more relaxed and sociable. Because of its effectiveness, ZenRx is now the most sought-after OTC anti-anxiety remedy.

But before making any purchasing decision, especially one related to your health, you should analyze a product’s pros and cons. Below you’ll find this information, but check back regularly for updates, as we’ll be adding new information on ZenRx as it becomes available.

First Off, Does ZenRx Really Work?

With so many new over-the-counter products hitting the market every day claiming to be the miracle cure to a variety of ailments, people want to know, first and foremost, whether or not ZenRx works or is just another scam.

ZenRx claims that it can give you instant relief from the symptoms of anxiety without causing any harsh side effects. It also claims that your body won’t become tolerant of the medicine as you continue to use it long-term. This means you won’t become addicted to the supplement and you won’t eventually need higher doses for it to be effective. But are these claims true? After all, the product is so new. And because the price is so high, too, is the product even worth your investment?

Put simply, after taking Anxiolytic AT for a week, we can say that our anxiety and stress levels were reduced, just as NexGen claimed. The best part was the effectiveness of the product was stable throughout the entire week, so we felt just as good at the end of the week as we did when we first started taking the product. However, we must admit that the effects of the supplement weren’t as powerful as those provided by prescription remedies, and we do admit a week is a very short trial period. Upon further research, though, we were able to find cases in which people used the product continuously. In the reports, users claimed that their panic attacks went away, thereby proving its effectiveness.

Although the product is so new and we find it hard to really gauge the long-term side effects, we can definitively say that ZenRx exceeds Zanaprin, a similar OTC product that we compared ZenRx to.

Side Effects

Although this is an over-the-counter medicine, you need to keep in mind that it has the strength of a prescription remedy, and although it’s safer than prescriptions when it comes to long-term use, you should still watch out for side effects. The ZenRx package warns that you may notice confusion or loss of coordination while taking it. Although we didn’t have these symptoms or any drowsiness while testing it, remember that everyone is different and results may vary. Some people claim that they did experience forgetfulness, clumsiness, confusion, a lack of appetite, and a lack of coordination. One consumer also reported that he had trouble sleeping while taking ZenRx.

If you’ve experienced any side effects after taking ZenRx, please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know. We’d be very grateful to gather your information and use it to share important news about the product with others.


Because ZenRx is so new, the truth is that it’s difficult to gauge how safe it really is. People can have dramatically different experiences after taking the same product because they all have different medical histories. As of right now, though, based upon the information that we’ve gathered thus far, we have no reason to believe that ZenRx isn’t safe or that it can cause serious health concerns. Nevertheless, talk to your doctor first, as you should do before taking any new supplements, to make sure it’s appropriate for your body and current condition. This is especially important because ZenRx is prescription-strength and the label does warn that it shouldn’t be used by those with pre-existing conditions.

Is ZenRx Legal?

ZenRx is legal in North America. As far as we know, there aren’t any bans on the product anywhere else in the world, but we can’t say for certain if the laws in other countries would consider this supplement illegal. Therefore, it’s best to check with your country’s laws and policies to determine if there are any customs or importation laws that would affect your ability to purchase and use ZenRx.

The Formula

ZenRx contains professionally formulated ingredients that have been scientifically tested in clinical trials. The product is labeled as a dietary supplement, so NexGen hasn’t released the exact amount of each ingredient in the product. The company has stated, however, that two capsules have 960mg of their proprietary blend known as Anxiolytic AT.

The proprietary blend contains 5-N-ethyl-glutamine, Piper Methysticum, Sceletium tortuosum, L-tryptophan, Gamma-amino-butyric acid, Eschscholzia Californica, Passiflora, N-acetyl-5-metho-xytryptamine, and Valeriana officinali. Again, although we know what it’s in the formula, we don’t know how much of each ingredient makes up the powerful formulation, so attempting to recreate this formula on your own can be very dangerous.

Below is a breakdown of what each ingredient is and does:

  • 5-N-ethyl-glutamine: This is an amino acid and glutamic acid analog that’s derived from tea. The ingredient is safe and has the ability to reduce physical and mental stress.
  • Piper Methysticum, also known as Kavalactones: Kava is typically used to create a drink that can act as an anesthetic and sedative. Extracts are taken from the root of the kava plant in order to reap its many benefits. Although some reports linked kava to liver damage in 2001, further studies have found that the cause wasn’t from kava but from excessive doses or from contaminants found in poor quality ingredients contained within kava products.
  • Sceletium tortuosum: This South African herb is a mood-altering substance that has been used since prehistoric times. It’s known to cause improved mood while reducing stress, tension, and anxiety.
  • L-tryptophan: This essential amino acid is found in many foods we eat and has been shown to treat health conditions that are associated with low serotonin levels within the brain. Therefore, it can work as an antidepressant.
  • Gamma-amino-butyric acid: This is the main inhibitory neurotransmitter found in the central nervous system of mammals. Its job is to regulate neuronal excitability. As a supplement, it has a calming effect.
  • Eschscholzia Californica: This flowering plant is used medicinally as an anxiety inhibitor and sedative, as it doesn’t cause any side effects when used appropriately.
  • Passiflora: This flowering plant’s roots and leaves can be used to treat hysteria, epilepsy, and insomnia. When taken in appropriate dosages, passiflora produces no adverse side effects.
  • N-acetyl-5-metho-xytryptamine: Also known as melatonin, this is a naturally occurring hormone that’s released in higher amounts as you sleep. It produces very few side effects while being effective at treating a long list of medical conditions. It’s safe to take for short-term use.
  • Valeriana officinali: Yet another flowering plant, valerian officinali is used as a sedative for those who suffer with anxiety disorders, and it can also be used to treat insomnia without producing adverse effects when taken in safe doses.

ZenRx versus Xanax and Other Anti-Anxiety Medications

ZenRx is up against other anti-anxiety medications, such as Xanax, Klonopin, Valium, and Ativan. Many consumers wonder if ZenRx can really be the OTC alternative to Xanax that they’ve been searching for.
You may have heard stories in recent years about people abusing prescriptions and putting their health at risk as a result. Many people who use Xanax for anxiety fall into the trap of becoming dependent on it, even going so far as to find it from other sources when their prescriptions have ended. But when you take ZenRx, you don’t need to worry about becoming dependent upon it or building a tolerance to it.

In terms of the benefits it delivers, ZenRx is a lot like Xanax. Both of these products are effective at providing mental stability and calmness. The only drawback is that Xanax is more powerful than ZenRx, so the effects aren’t as strong when taking ZenRx. However, clinical trials have proven that the side effects of Anxiolytic AT are also much less severe and much less likely to occur than those associated with Alprazolam. Therefore, ZenRx isn’t only effective, it’s also safer than Xanax.

ZenRx versus Zanaprin

Zanaprin is quite possibly the only other OTC anti-anxiety product that’s currently available that would compare to ZenRx. When we purchased this product to try it out for ourselves, though, we found it to be ineffective at relieving our symptoms. Five people on our staff tried it out and two of them felt absolutely no effects from it, while the other three said that they felt a slight improvement in their anxiety symptoms but that the effects of ZenRx were stronger.

Purchasing Online

NexGen has a store from which you can buy all of their products at low prices. When we performed searches for lower prices, we came up empty. Plus, when you purchase directly from NexGen, you’ll get a satisfaction guarantee, and you can rest assured that you’re getting the freshest product, which is important because many psychoactive ingredients in products like ZenRx will deteriorate as time passes and cause the quality of the supplement to diminish.

Purchasing in Stores

Unfortunately, in our search for physical stores that carry ZenRx, we came up empty as well. Although this might change when the product becomes more popular, the only option is to purchase it online at this time. Keep in mind that ZenRx is FDA-approved but the FDA hasn’t yet evaluated the claims made by the product. Until that happens, stores may be reluctant to carry it. You may want to keep an eye out for ZenRx in retail locations throughout the USA, including:

GNC – GNC is one of the most highly recognized retail stores carrying a variety of supplements. Because they have one of the best selections of the widest variety of supplements, ZenRx would be a great fit.

CVS – One of the largest pharmacy chains in the country, you can probably expect to see ZenRx here first. CVS carries popular products at discounted prices, so you may be able to get ZenRx at a reduced price without having to deal with added shipping rates.

Walgreens – The largest drug chain in the United States is probably going to carry ZenRx as soon as the competition does, so keep an eye out for it here too.

Walmart – Don’t expect to see ZenRx at Walmart until after the product has already hit other retail chains and become even more popular.

Rite Aid – Rite Aid, like CVS and Walgreens, is known for stocking up on the latest products, so this is definitely another pharmacy chain to watch.

Best Place to Purchase Today

If you’re ready to purchase ZenRx for yourself and give it a try, we highly recommend sticking with the manufacturer’s website, as you’ll get the lowest rate and the best value for your money there. Although we’ve checked other websites for deals, coupons, and discounts, the price on the NexGen site can’t be beat. Please stay tuned, though, to get valuable information on additional sellers offering this new product as they become available.

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